From our beginnings in 1992, we have harnessed the power of our collective voices to make certain that your interests are protected. 11,500 of the Newfoundland and Labrador construction workforce is open shop (Statistics Canada 2011). That’s 71%. As the overwhelming majority in our growing construction industry, Merit Contractors Association has taken an active role in being the supportive voice of the open shop contractor.

Advocating on your behalf includes:

  • Co-ordinating the common interests of open shop contractors;
  • Encouraging construction contracts to be accessible to all and awarded on a competitive, open and merit based process;
  • Supporting the right of employees and employers to promote free enterprise and the right to determine wages and working conditions through either individual or collective bargaining as they choose;
  • Promoting productivity, efficiency, continued learning and innovation;
  • Supporting sound legislation in the areas of labour relations, safety standards, training and certification of apprentices, and youth and immigration engagement.
  • Protecting construction workers with best of breed, cost effective and comprehensive employee benefit plans.

At the national level, we are a founding member of Merit Canada which is an association of Canadian open shop construction associations. Established in 2008, Merit Canada works with the federal government on issues and policies affecting open shop contractors. In 2014, a joint resolution was signed with US based Associated Builders and Contractors to forge stronger ties to the global open shop construction industry.

If you are interested in getting involved or would like us to consider undertaking an initiative not listed above, let’s talk.

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