We offer plans for all of your employees-- from the ones who pick up hammers to the ones who pick up phones. Here’s how they stack up.

Merit Chart

The Merit Hour Bank Benefit Plan The Merit Office Supervisory Benefit Plan
Who is it for? Tradespeople working in the construction industry. Office and administration personnel working in the construction industry.
What special features does the plan have? Employee benefits can be transferred from one Merit member employer to another—anywhere across Canada. Employees can be covered while not working, between projects, or due to construction seasonality.
Is the plan competitive? Absolutely—one flat hourly rate applies for this plan. Request a quote here . Economical and competitive rates are available. Variable rates based on salary, life insurance coverage, and family coverage needs. Request a quote here .
What are the details of the plan? Click here . Click here .
How does this plan compare to others? We feature only top-quality, comprehensive plans that are the gold standard for the construction industry. Your employees and their families are in good hands.
Can it be used with other plans? Yes! The plan can be used in conjunction with a spousal plan to provide 100% coverage in certain benefits.
Are medical exams required? Generally, no medical exam is required except for certain medical conditions. No medical or doctor’s referral is required for basic paramedical practitioners, such as chiropractors and physiotherapists.
Is this going to give me a headache? Absolutely not! Our plans are offered by Great-West Life and The Cooperators. Mercon Benefit Services handles all paperwork. This all means that implementing the plan for your employees is hassle- (and headache-) free!.
What is the rate for the plan? Click here to request a tailored quote that represents your needs and your business.